Data Structure Analyzer


Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL)  v.1.0.51

The Data Structure & Algorithm Library (DSAL) is a library of classical data structure and algorithm.

The Data Structure Translator  v.1.0

Generates internal (in memory) and external (on disk) forms of binary data structures, and the code to convert between the two.


Astronomical Object Data Cube analyzer  v.0.0

CometCube - software that used to analyze datacube(FIT format) obtained from radio telescope.

Adelix reporting and data analysis  v.1.0

Reporting and data analysis WEB solution adaptable on any data structure type.

Computer Analyzer Software

PC analyzer tool provide system information. Computer analysis tool track all information regarding system memory operating system disk data. PC analyzer is a tool which analysis computer give information about memory hardware socket OS information.

Off-route Data Acquiring  v.

The Off-route Data Acquiring software is designed to download off-route data from the STD-500/510/3300 instruments into a file on your computer. Connect the data collector/analyzer to your workstation. -Load off-route points you need.


Powerful data manager that helps you to organize your data in tree-like style. The ideal tool for organising your life! Notes, family trees, contacts, diary, recipes, and more. Define your own data structure for each tree and store notes, genealogical

010 Editor

010 Editor is a professional text/hex editor designed to edit any file, drive, or process on your machine. Using our unique Binary Templates technology, 010 Editor allows a binary file to be parsed into a data structure that can be understood. Features an

Password Safe and Repository Personal  v.

Password Safe simplifies the management of a host of passwords, data and access information. You can map your own data structure in Password Safe using the folders (categories). Each folder can have different functions.

Typhon  v.

TYPHON is an open-source CFD project for users and developpers. It has been designed as a multi-solver platform where it could be easily added a new solver or a new data structure.

HashTrie  v.1.0

By Softcomplete Development. HashTrie is a new highly efficient data structure for fast searching. It combines in itself properties of the hash-tables and trie (digital-trees).

FragmentationAnalyzer  v.1.5.8

FragmentationAnalyzer is a standalone Java tool for analyzing MS/MS fragmentation data. Fragmentation Analyzer is a software for analyzing MS/MS fragmentation data. Currently nine different analysis types are supported: 1. Spectra Visualization -

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